Our Philosophy

Giving our clients peace-of-mind by developing stronger relationships.

Client IT Business Solutions

Our Philosophy

At Resolved IT, we believe that our clients are the heroes, and by hiring us we’re becoming a part of your story. We’re your support team – almost like your sidekick. We’re going to make sure you and your team have the structure, reliability, and navigation you need to accomplish your mission.  

It’s our job to give your business’ leaders the information, resources, and professional recommendations they need to develop an excellent IT strategy for the organization. If we don’t need a decision from you or have some need-to-know knowledge, we let you focus on what’s most important.

Our Model

We primarily work as a “Managed” provider, which means we deliver an outcome for our clients based on a fixed price, typically in the form of a retainer fee and multi-year term. That outcome and scope can be customized according to your exact business needs, strategy, and timeline. Whether the outcome is simply providing great day-to-day IT support and maintenance or implementing a complex technology strategy, Resolved IT is equipped to guide and support your business every step of the way.

We believe that to provide your business with an amazing IT experience, we need to implement best practices upon onboarding. When doing this, there is typically a significant amount of frontloading with regards to labor and time spent optimizing and securing the IT environment. For this reason, we believe it’s mutually beneficial to engage in long-term agreements with our clients to keep onboarding fees to a minimum.

We also believe in giving clients access to project services that they might not otherwise be able to. If part of your strategy involves a large IT project up-front, we can price the project fees into the retainer (or negotiate a “honeymoon project”) so it is affordable today rather than a year from now.

Resolved IT Clients in BC

Our Client Profile

Our clients range from 5 to 500 employees. We currently work with 36 BC-based companies on a recurring basis, providing full-scope Managed IT Services, IT Security Services, Co-Managed IT Services, IT Consulting, and more. 

We are focused on serving high-cost professionals with extremely quick support and premium services. Law firms, healthcare organizations, government agencies, large non-profit organizations, architects & engineers are among our typical client bases.  

Why work with Resolved IT?

Our dedicated team model allows us to be far more agile and personalized than a traditional IT provider. We’re focused on delivering your business exactly what it needs – not just a cookie-cutter IT strategy. We work with your executive team to make true progress by aligning technology with the organization and we keep your high-cost staff productive by meticulously maintaining your infrastructure and providing lightning-fast (60-second) IT support responses.

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Proudly Serving Local​

Resolved IT is based in Surrey, BC and serves clients all over the lower mainland: