Consistent Productivity for your Law Firm

Technology can be the greatest enabler of productivity at your firm… or the greatest liability. 

Ensure Your Clients Receive The Best Legal Service You Can Provide By Backing Your Law Firm With Our Managed Legal IT Services & Law Firm IT Support.

Your law firm prides itself on providing the best legal services, in order to do that, you also need to keep your clients safe. To ensure you manage your clients’ confidential information properly and to keep your daily operations streamlined, you need to leverage unique technological solutions for the legal industry. Your law firm will have the best in technology support when you partner with Resolved IT to provide your Law Firm IT Support.

Common Challenges We Solve for Law Firms Just Like Yours

We understand the unique challenges that law firms face after years of experience supporting them. Your generalist provider may not understand how to properly support a law firm, but we do.

A new computer was just installed, but it’s missing several applications and your new-hire is unable to work on day #1. Great first impression, right?

You’re in an industry with some of the highest level of data sensitivity, yet every support technician at your existing IT provider has full admin access to your systems, and you’re not sure about compliance.

Your internet went down, yet again! This is the most frustrating of issues and will literally have your employees up in arms, leaving the office, or even quitting if the problem isn’t solved.

Competing firms can join remote hearings and their audio/video looks extremely professional… why am I still using a webcam?

You need to be able to work remotely, securely, without needing to call tech support, and you need remote employees to have a seamless experience.

Ready to give your firm access to a truly compatible IT support partner?

Technology is the last thing you want to think about. We get it. You’re busy and need to focus on your work. But that mindset is usually what gets firms in trouble.

Invest the time now to find the right IT partner for your firm so you won’t have to do it in a hurry if downtime (or even worse, a cybersecurity incident) caused by neglect takes place.

We can help in a hurry later – or we can coordinate a smooth transition now.

Don’t Just Listen to Us, Hear It From Your Peers

"Unlike most managed IT services, these guys don't just ask you to turn your computer on and off. As a law firm, any technical issue means at best a loss of productivity and at worst costing clients thousands of dollars because of missed deadlines. We needed a responsive and reliable IT company to ensure minimum downtime. We are so thankful to have found Resolved IT."

ZEN H - Operation Manager - Law Firm

Why choose Resolved IT as your partner:

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Your data is secure with us.

We understand the sensitive nature of handling client information and intellectual property in the Legal Services sector. Data security is our top priority, and we have a proven track record in securing data, managing backups, and implementing disaster response plans. 

We value your time and productivity.

If your staff encounters a computer issue, we provide spare PCs until theirs is fixed. We prioritize your and your employees’ time, ensuring that you reach a technician within 60 seconds of reaching out to our support line.

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We are familiar with the compliance requirements you’re facing, and the standards that are important to you.

PIPEDA, OSFI, NIST, PCI DSS, CSA, CIS, and other intricate cyber-acronyms are compliance standards your business may need to navigate.

If you’re not sure what services your business should prioritize, you’re not alone. Our vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer) consulting resources are here to ensure you have the necessary knowledge to understand the technology implications of every business decision, without being overwhelmed. We are experts at translating complex technical concepts into plain language for business leaders with little time to spare. Your time is valuable. Let us summarize our services in a short conversation.

Efficient vendor management and liaised support.

Recognizing the significance of time in the legal services field, we have established a comprehensive vendor management model. When issues arise with your software, simply submit a ticket to us, and we’ll liaise with the vendor’s tech support on your behalf, keeping you informed and productive throughout the process. 

Resolved IT’s vendor management service in combination with our 60-second support desk response time means your highly skilled (and consequently expensive) staff will never sit on hold with tech support again. We believe in handling vendor support issues for you, not with you.

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Proactive approach to IT Infrastructure management.

We understand that downtime is unacceptable in the legal sector. That’s why we adopt a proactive approach to IT Infrastructure management, addressing issues before they become disruptive and keeping you informed about the status and lifecycle of your systems.

Scalability and flexibility to meet your needs.

We accommodate changes in demand with ease. We do not charge offboarding or onboarding fees for departing or joining staff, and you have the flexibility to modify your seat count whenever necessary. Whether you’re acquiring another firm or downsizing, we can meet your needs.

Successful business peolple handshaking after good deal.

The significance of having a genuine partner that understands your industry and business.

Choose Resolved IT as your law firm’s IT partner.