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Resolved IT Cybersecurity Service

We’re realistic about what your company needs to stay secure. No fluff, just practical cybersecurity. Resolved IT’s multi-layered Cybersecurity Services provide small enterprises with the necessary tools and services to stay ahead of the ever-evolving digital threat landscape.

Resolved IT offers the following cybersecurity services: 

Managed Anti-Virus & Endpoint Protection

Managed Anti-Virus & Endpoint Protection

Foundational protection for every business – Resolved IT’s Managed Anti-Virus services ensure that you not only properly implement a business-class anti-virus system, but also that a team of cybersecurity pros monitor and remediate deployment issues, anti-virus alerts, and monthly reporting & testing.
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Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (Managed EDR)

Traditional AV can’t stop all sophisticated threats, which is where Managed EDR comes in. Managed EDR services includes two aspects: Real-time monitoring by a real human and advanced threat protection (ATP) – ATP, such as persistent foothold monitoring and ransomware canaries, combatting long-term and ransomware threats respectively.
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Microsoft 365 Breach Monitoring, Detection & Response (Office 365 MDR)

Additional to Microsoft’s built-in suspicious login protection, Resolved IT’s Microsoft 365 MDR services track user logins and activity for unusual activities, and automatically generate critical tickets for our cybersecurity analysts to investigate. Microsoft’s suspicious login protection does a great job – but when it fails, a real person needs to be available to investigate and intervene in a timely manner.
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Managed Cybersecurity Training Programs

Managed Cybersecurity Training Programs

When all else fails, human intelligence is your last line of defense. Resolved IT’s Cybersecurity Training Programs ensure that your staff are completing cybersecurity training (engagement & attendance management), being tested on their cybersecurity knowledge (providing extra training to users with low scores), and that the training is relevant to your specific company and situation (curriculum management).
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Cybersecurity Auditing Services

Cybersecurity Auditing Services

Comprehensive assessments of your company's security posture – Resolved IT's Cybersecurity Auditing Services provide thorough evaluations of your existing security measures. Our experts identify vulnerabilities and build an actionable roadmap to enhance your cybersecurity infrastructure. This service includes security policy reviews, risk assessments, penetration testing, and compliance checks to ensure your business is prepared for any threat.
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Cybersecurity Questionnaire & Audit Support

Cybersecurity Questionnaire & Audit Support

Simplified compliance and risk management – Resolved IT's Cybersecurity Questionnaire & Audit Support helps your business navigate and complete complex security questionnaires often required by clients, partners, or regulatory bodies. Our team provides the necessary support to accurately reflect your security posture and mitigate any risks identified. We ensure your company meets industry standards and portrays a reliable image to stakeholders.
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Managed IT Security Services

Comprehensive protection tailored to your business – Resolved IT’s Managed IT Security Services provide an all-inclusive approach to safeguarding your digital assets. From proactive monitoring and threat detection to incident response and recovery, our services encompass every aspect of your cybersecurity needs. Our holistic approach ensures your company remains resilient against cyber threats.
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