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Reid McConkey
written by Reid McConkey posted on April 27, 2023

Comprehensive Managed IT Services For Langley Businesses Provided By Resolved IT

In the digital era, the demand for IT experts has grown significantly. The IT department is crucial for ensuring constant connectivity and availability in today’s business landscape.

However, IT maintenance and monitoring have not kept pace with the increasing reliance on technology. IT infrastructure can suddenly fail, leading businesses to urgently find reasons, fix technologies, and solve problems. Businesses are at risk from security breaches and cyberattacks, highlighting their vulnerability to IT risks.

To enhance operational resilience and mitigate cybersecurity threats, businesses are turning to IT support. In the next sections, we’ll show you how Resolved IT’s defined set of services, including system management, disaster recovery, and managed security services, can benefit your business in the City of Langley, Brookswood, Murrayville, and Aldergrove.


What Is IT Support?

Any business working with technology needs support. If a third party provides that support, it’s an IT support service. IT support aims to help users with tech problems.

In a business environment, IT support is more than assistance. Service providers set up, install, configure, monitor, and maintain IT equipment, and more. They help with disaster recovery and data backup plans.

What IT Support Services Does Resolved IT Offer?

Resolved IT offers IT support for Langley small and medium-sized businesses. Our services include:

1. 24/7 Monitoring 

Services that require credentials to access and those that require client information are most vulnerable to attacks. Monitoring services involve watching a business’s network and system and giving fast support during emergencies. A quick response can make a huge difference between a hiccup in service and a major disruption.

Resolved IT monitors all endpoints around the clock for unauthorized access, viruses, and other issues to ensure security. By partnering with us, you’ll experience proactive issue monitoring and remediation.

2. Business Continuity Support 

Even if your data security protocols are robust, there’s always a chance of losing or damaging data. It’s essential for businesses to prioritize investing in data backup to keep operations running smoothly. If something goes wrong or data gets damaged, businesses can still recover it.

With Resolved IT’s managed backup and data recovery, you can trust the security of your data. We store it securely in multiple locations and have a solid plan to keep your business up and running in case of data loss.

3. IT Consulting 

IT is an ever-evolving field. Each passing day, some new technology makes its way into the market. Which means Businesses need to actively find and decide on new technologies to improve how they operate.

That said, determining which technology suits your business and how best to deploy it is easier said than done. That’s where our IT consulting service comes into play. Our IT experts will assess your business’s IT needs to determine which path would be ideal for your business. We can also train your employees on how to use various emerging technologies to enhance their productivity.

4. v-CIO Services 

Many businesses understand that digital transformation is essential for remaining competitive. However, budgetary constraints in the IT department can be a limiting factor in achieving this transformation. This is where MSPs like Resolved IT step in.

Resolved IT offers a virtual Chief Information Officer (v-CIO) to remotely supervise your tech operations, help with additional implementation, and manage general maintenance. Your executive team can rely on Resolved IT for high-level IT strategy, budgeting, mapping, and management consulting.

5. Structured Cabling Services 

In today’s business world, companies rely on networks for various data applications like video, voice, and data. It’s crucial to maintain the infrastructure supporting this technology. Structured cabling systems may seem small in your network investment, but they play a significant role in ensuring efficiency.

Our Managed Service Model operates on a fixed monthly basis, providing you with a predictable cost structure. We customize our services to fit your needs. This includes monitoring networks, providing application services, and offering structured cabling. With Resolved IT, you get a dedicated team that specializes in installing voice and data cables, such as Category 6 and Category 5e, as well as wireless networks.

6. IT Security Services 

Cybersecurity is a major threat to modern businesses. Hackers breach company networks almost every day, demanding ransom for stolen data. An IBM study in 2021 found that the average cost of a data breach increased from $3.86 million to $4.24 million. This highlights the significant expense of a data breach for your business.

To protect your business, we provide IT security and data recovery services. Our skilled IT team finds weaknesses, handles daily security tasks, and shields your business from data breaches, providing you peace of mind.

7. Cloud Services 

Cloud services are gaining rapid prominence among businesses because to their economic benefits and excellent efficiency and performance. Businesses, through the use of cloud services, gain on-the-go access to all the resources they need. Moreover, the access control strategies and security control protocols implemented in cloud services surpass those in on-premise locations. It is crucial for every business to leverage these services.

We specialize in assisting your Langley business in migrating to the cloud. Our expertise goes beyond migration – we also ensure that your business maximizes the benefits derived from these services.

What Sets Resolved IT Apart?

At Resolved IT, we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients receive the best Langley IT support services. To achieve this mission, we heavily invest our resources in the success of your staff. Additionally, we have a 60-second response policy to promptly resolve any issues you may encounter.

Our comprehensive service offering also includes technical support, break-fix solutions, and network monitoring. With our remote support and remote monitoring and management of servers, we ensure your systems are well-maintained. We operate on a fixed monthly model, offering a service level agreement (SLA) for consistent and reliable support.

At Resolved IT, we know how crucial smooth daily business operations are. Our managed service model keeps your IT infrastructure in excellent condition. We specialize in mobile device management, providing you with a complete solution for your IT needs.

So why wait? Contact Resolved IT today and experience the benefits of our managed service model, cloud services, and information technology expertise. Don’t let technology hold you back – let Resolved IT be your partner in achieving IT excellence.

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