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Plans and Pricing FAQ

Yes. Our minimum monthly cost for Managed IT Services is $2,995.00 per month. Having a monthly minimum ensures we spend our limited time on the customers who will see the greatest benefit from our services. This is how we keep our staff to client ratio high.

Resolved IT offers Managed IT Services using a “per computer” model, where customers pay a flat fee for each computer, server, and location under support. Customers have the option to choose whether or not they want on-site support, and will receive discounts for a longer term.

Managed IT Services has different definitions depending on what company you ask to define it. While the general idea is the same across the industry: “Proactively manage the IT environment, deliver timely IT support and guide the IT strategy”, the philosophy, culture, service offerings, and delivery models vary widely from firm to firm, and are what will ultimately shape your customer experience.

Small-medium sized businesses can expect to pay between $80 and $300 per “seat” per month for Managed IT Services. When comparing Managed IT Service providers, it’s necessary to consider how the provider defines Managed IT Services and all the other key variables mentioned previously. At Resolved IT, customers can expect to pay between $100.00 and $205.00 per computer per month. 

If you opt for Full Managed IT Services – there are no costs for requesting an on-site visit, and Full Managed IT Service customers are entitled to unlimited site visits to resolve technical issues when necessary. Managed IT Service customers who do not opt to include on-site support in their scope of work can receive on-site support upon request with notice, and are billed hourly for on-site services. SLAs do not apply for on-site requests that are outside the scope of Managed IT Services, so consider if your organization needs guaranteed access to on-site resources.

Depending on the plan you select, there may be significant disparities in quotation between different potential Managed IT providers. Resolved IT is a premium IT service provider, offering 60-second phone responses from a highly qualified staff, small dedicated teams, and a personalized service that can’t be found at other IT firms in the Vancouver area. We charge a bit more than other local firms, and a bit less than the big IT firms. 

If you’re looking for a better IT experience, you’re in the right place.   

Resolved IT does not currently have a minimum contract term. Customers are able to sign up for month-to-month services, but will be responsible for a small onboarding fee and will not receive any discounts based on commitment terms. Resolved IT prefers long-term agreements, and incentivizes this philosophy with discounted pricing for customers who opt for extended commitment terms.

Resolved IT does not charge any setup or onboarding fees for customers that commit to at least 12 months of services. 

Month-to-month customers are required to pay an onboarding fee equivalent to 150% of their first month’s invoice.

Managed IT Services is a maintenance & support agreement. It’s designed to keep your existing systems running smoothly and to support your existing staff and technology. Additional staff, technology additions, or major changes to existing technology are outside the scope of Resolved IT’s Managed IT Services, and may be scoped as projects. We always provide a formal project proposal before starting out-of-scope work.

Clients are responsible for their own software licensing and cloud storage fees. Resolved IT includes cybersecurity and backup software within the scope of Managed IT Services as it is our policy for all endpoints to have cyber protection, and all servers to have local & cloud backups.

Resolved IT’s contracts have a built-in annual 3.5% price increase to ensure we do not need to present any unexpected cost increases for existing customers. 

New customer pricing can fluctuate and is subject to change at any time unless you have a valid quote or proposal. Quotes and proposals are valid for 30 days.

As your Managed IT Provider, we believe that in order to provide you with the best experience, we need to lay a foundation of best-practices. When Resolved IT inherits an IT environment, we often find that it’s in a state which requires a significant amount of attention and maintenance. By locking into longer-term agreements, Resolved IT can deliver massive up-front effort to correct problems upon onboarding and ultimately ensure your organization is secure and productive right away, delivering a better IT experience for everyone involved.

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