Managed IT Services For Non-Profits

We’re realistic about what your non-profit organization needs to stay secure and accomplish your mission. We specialize in helping BC-based non-profits achieve great IT outcomes and increase productivity, even with constrained resources, hardware, and software.

Why Choose Resolved IT As Your Partner For Managed IT Services:

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We guide nonprofit organizations to achieve their goals using technology.

As a nonprofit organization, you understand the unique challenges you face in managing your IT infrastructure effectively, but may not know the best way to address them. That’s where we come in. With our comprehensive Managed IT Services, we provide the expertise and support you need to eliminate IT headache, leverage technology as a strategic asset, and make a greater impact in your mission.

We are deeply familiar with the nonprofit sector.

With years of experience working with nonprofit organizations, we understand the specific requirements and constraints you face. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to tailoring our services to meet your unique needs and goals. Our proactive approach ensures that we stay ahead of any potential issues, preventing downtime and keeping your technology running smoothly. With our small team model, you’ll always have someone you trust to assist you with important technical issues.

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We can manage your IT Compliance. 

Do you have cybersecurity audits and questionnaires from partners and vendors? Were you able to answer all the questions to their satisfaction? By choosing Resolved IT to handle your IT management, you can rest assured that we have the skills and expertise to make timely implementation of IT compliance protocols painless. Being fully compliant means that you can make cybersecurity a part of your sales pitch — instead of letting it keep you up at night.

Efficient vendor management and liaised support.

Recognizing the significance of software in modern organizations, we have established a comprehensive shared responsibility vendor management model. When issues arise with your software, simply submit a ticket to us, and we’ll liaise with the vendor’s tech support on your behalf, keeping you informed throughout the process, and leaving your team available to execute on your organization’s mission. Resolved IT’s vendor management service in combination with our 60-second support desk response time means your staff will never sit on hold with tech support again.

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We keep your intellectual property inside the company.

We know that you may handle sensitive client information, personal data, and intellectual property, which means data security is a top priority. We have an excellent track record in securing data, managing backups, and having the proper plans in place to respond to a disaster.

Continuous support, training, & improvement.

Technology is continually evolving, and your team should be equipped with the knowledge and skills to leverage it effectively. That’s why we provide comprehensive training programs tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your employees have the necessary expertise to maximize the benefits of their technology-based tools. Our dedicated support team is always available to provide guidance, and our client portal has self-serve access to training modules. We’ll even manage the training program on your behalf and send out reminders to staff. We continuously strive to improve our services, staying ahead of the curve to provide you with the most innovative solutions that align with your nonprofit’s goals.

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We’re proactive. 

Your organization probably depends on its IT infrastructure to a great extent. We understand that any interruption in services is disruptive, expensive and unacceptable. That’s why we adopt a proactive approach to managing your IT infrastructure and will keep you updated on the status and lifespan of all your systems.

We’re scalable and flexible.

Depending on your project lifecycles or seasonal staff/volunteers, you may have an uptick or downtick in headcount from time-to-time resulting in fluctuations in demand, and we’re OK with that. We don’t charge any user onboarding or offboarding fees, and we let you change your seat count at any time.

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The significance of having a genuine partner that understands your industry and business.

Choose Resolved IT as your firm’s partner.

The significance of having a genuine partner that understands your industry and business.

Successful business peolple handshaking after good deal.

Choose Resolved IT as your firm’s partner.