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Regardless of the industry you’re in, most executives now consider IT systems to be essential for optimizing operations, enhancing productivity, and maintaining a competitive edge. Technical difficulties, cyberattacks, or a lack of technical staff can cause operational paralysis and jeopardize the viability and reputation of your business. Businesses must proactively develop business continuity plans in order to properly hedge risk. Seeking advice from veteran technicians who can help you prepare for the unexpected should be a part of the process. This is where Resolved IT comes in. 

Reid McConkey
written by Reid McConkey posted on May 2, 2023

Who is Resolved IT?

As a top Vancouver managed services provider, we supply a number of IT services to organizations powered by technology. We are passionate about helping our clients grow and succeed, and are prepared to handle your organization’s unique requirements. We offer a wide range of IT services, from help desk support and consulting to network monitoring, data backup, recovery and cloud solutions. 

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Catering to Vancouver’s Professional Services

Businesses offering professional services have a unique set of needs and challenges. In any field, particularly those where professionals sell their expertise and time for a living, such as lawyers, accountants, and scientists, efficiency and productivity are paramount. Resolved IT’s goal is to prioritize the individual behind the work. Our approach centres on understanding the unique needs of each person, tailoring specialized support to maximize their effectiveness. We offer personalized managed IT services that align with the specific requirements of your business, contributing to its success while providing unparalleled support.

Our Dedicated Support Team Model

Today’s businesses require not only technical support, but also a trustworthy team they can trust to provide a tailored strategy. . Our dedicated support team model provides a foundation for a personalized approach to your IT needs. It’s more than just a client-vendor relationship, it’s a partnership. We aim to be an extension of your team by assigning a small, dedicated group of professionals to each client. The end result – quicker responses, familiarity, and a deep understanding of your operations. After a year or two of working together, our team members will feel like colleagues.

Our dedicated support team offers a swift and seamless experience, helping to solve the problems associated with:

  • Internal IT staff being too slow – We understand time is of the essence when resolving IT issues. That’s why we offer a 60-second phone response guarantee. We prioritize quick responses, minimizing disruptions, and enabling your business to operate with maximum efficiency while fostering organic repeat interactions with our dedicated team.
  • Low trust with the people they work with – By working with the same technicians each time, we develop stronger relationships with our clients. We build a sense of teamwork that contributes to a more trusting and collaborative partnership. By offering a small dedicated team for each client, we ensure a customized approach to meet specific needs and deliver optimal solutions.
  • Working with a different person every time – We go above and beyond industry standards to offer more technicians per user. We want to be more than just your Vancouver managed service provider; we want to be your reliable and responsive IT partner addressing issues before they impact your business.

We offer outstanding support, going beyond resolving our clients’ issues promptly. We actively anticipate and exceed our client’s needs, consistently delivering exceptional service that leaves a lasting positive impression. Our personalized services and solutions are custom and tailor-made to go beyond client expectations to help foster a deeper connection and long-lasting partnership.

“Reid and the entire Resolved IT team are incredible to work with: timely responses, accurate information, and professional services are only a few of the great comments I can give the team. As a very quickly growing company, Resolved IT’s expertise is very much relied up on a regular basis, and the team does not fail to deliver. Teaming up with Resolved IT as a managed IT partner is without question one of the best technology decisions we’ve made for the company.”

Dave T

Director Human Resources, Small Enterprise Client

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Essential IT Services And Support

In order to maintain business continuity, IT infrastructure needs to be actively managed by qualified professionals. Servers, PCs, cloud services, data backup, and cybersecurity all need routine maintenance. The frequency of maintenance can vary from daily checks to quarterly interventions, depending on the needs of your business. Some services are even performed in real time, 24/7.

Keeping your IT systems running smoothly remains critical to business operation, even if you’re feeling the effects of the recession. We cannot cut corners or take short cuts. A technical malfunction or security breach is the last thing your company needs when things get tight, especially if you provide critical services.

What Is Involved In Maintaining IT Infrastructure?

A few maintenance tasks that should be carried out on a regular basis include:

  • Identification and analysis of server errors
  • Critical updates, patches, and vulnerability management
  • Verification and management of disc space, partitions, and virtual machines, along with alerts that indicate when thresholds are exceeded
  • Monitoring server and computer performance by reviewing regular reports
  • Backup notification monitoring and maintenance
  • Maintaining detailed IT documentation and standard operating procedures bespoke to your business’ technology

Why Partner With Resolved IT for Vancouver Managed Services?

If you have a small in-house IT team, answering this question is easy. You need to partner with experts in backup, contingency planning, and system security. Larger IT departments, on the other hand, may say that they already have enough in-house knowledge and don’t require assistance from outside firms. Resolved IT Vancouver managed services can provide you with:

  • An objective evaluation of your circumstances
  • Insights and lessons learned from our experience and the problems we’ve encountered and solved
  • 24 hour access in the event of an emergency – our helpdesk is your lifeline in times of uncertainty

Resolved IT’s Vancouver managed services offer thorough remote and on-site support.

We can assist you with managed IT services, providing customized solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.

Still Not Sure? Consider The Following

Outsourcing your IT department is a major business decision. It’s no small task to entrust such a crucial part of your business to another organization, but it’s a smart move. It frees up resources and time that are better used elsewhere. Outsourcing your IT requirements can be a smooth process that boosts productivity and efficiency if done correctly, with the right partner. With this in mind, it makes sense to partner with Resolved IT Vancouver managed services. This gives teams on both sides enough time to talk about needs and risks while things are still under control and business is running as usual.

The coronavirus caused an abrupt turn for the Canadian economy, As a result, cash flows have become a major concern for the majority of businesses. Using an outside IT managed service provider allows businesses to access 24/7 specialized knowledge without having to bear the expense of maintaining highly qualified employees on staff. In most cases, managed service fees are invoiced on a monthly basis, eliminating any unforeseen expenses.

With a dedicated IT support partner, Resolved IT Vancouver managed services offers tailored solutions and unparalleled services to help your business thrive in this competitive market.

Want To Get Started?

Our team of technologists has extensive experience in the field and can assist you in meeting both short-term demands and long-term objectives.

Take advantage of our free IT assessment to discover where your organization stands and ensure you’re maximizing your technology investment. Our team of experts will work with you to identify areas where you can improve the efficiency of your current IT infrastructure and understand how it compares to industry standards.

Contact us to schedule your free IT assessment today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about IT support and help you decide if it’s right for your Vancouver business.

Resolved IT provides IT services in Burnaby, Richmond, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Maple Creek, Surrey, Coquitlam, New Westminster, and across the entire Lower Mainland.


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