Managed IT Services for Architecture & Engineering firms

Resolved IT provides specialized technology solutions for clients in the architecture & engineering field. 

Why choose Resolved IT as your partner:

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We guide Architecture & Engineering firms to achieve their goals using technology.

Regardless of your size, Resolved IT will ensure that your technology contributes to your success story. We already have many clients in the Architecture & Engineering industries and excel at delivering each business owner’s unique desired outcomes. 

We’re already familiar with many of your tools.

Our technicians are well-versed in the common industry software including AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Revit, and more. We understand how crucial it is for our team to have expertise in these applications and to understand the importance of them to your firm.

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We can handle all your IT Compliance challenges. 

Do you work with enterprise clients? Then the chances are you’ve received a cybersecurity questionnaire at some point or another. Were you able to answer all the questions to their satisfaction? By choosing Resolved IT to handle your IT management, you can rest assured that we have the skills and expertise to make timely implementation of IT compliance protocols painless. Being fully compliant means that you can make cybersecurity a part of your sales pitch — instead of letting it keep you up at night.

We keep your intellectual property inside the company.

We know that you handle sensitive client information, proprietary designs, and intellectual property, which means data security is a top priority. We have an excellent track record in securing data, managing backups, and having the proper plans in place to respond to a disaster.

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We understand how valuable your time is.

If an employee’s computer is broken – we get the user a spare PC until we can fix theirs. We believe in putting your and your staff’s time first. If an employee of yours is unable to work, it’s a high priority ticket and you’ll be hearing from a technician within 60-seconds of dialing our support line.

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We’re proactive. 

It’s likely that your business heavily relies on its IT infrastructure. We understand that downtime, especially in the professional services sector, is incredibly costly – and downright unacceptable. We take a proactive approach to IT Infrastructure management and will keep you apprised of the status and lifecycle of all your systems. 

We’re scalable and flexible. 

Depending on your project lifecycles, you may have an uptick or downtick in headcount from time-to-time resulting in fluctuations in demand, and we’re OK with that. We don’t charge any user onboarding or offboarding fees, and we let you change your seat count at any time.

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The significance of having a genuine partner that understands your industry and business.

Choose Resolved IT as your expert IT outsourcing provider.