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ERP & Business Intelligence Analyst

Through our Partnership, Resolved IT & Golchin Consulting Services are able to provide a unique Managed IT service offering that not only includes IT Management, but also can provide high-level business systems consulting & operations management consulting with the help of business intelligence analyst.

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Passionate about business solutions and working with people. Over the past two decades Golchin Consulting Services has enabled many organizations to transform their business by optimizing processes, leveraging technology and managing change; enabling them to do better work and live better lives. Golchin Consulting Services and Resolved IT have partnered together due to this overlap in philosophy.

How it works?

As partners with Golchin Consulting Services, we have come together to develop a service offering that is not offered anywhere else. A totally managed, flat-fee based IT & Business Intelligence (Business Intelligence analyst) package. This allows our clients to have a set, non-variable IT budget and aligns our interests as service providers with the client. The more issues you have, the more work it is for us. It’s in our best interest to perform proactive maintenance to prevent issues before they even happen and implement the best user-friendly solutions immediately. Once GCS is able to identify all your existing systems, it becomes an all-you-can-eat package.

Why use a combined offering?

As an independent IT provider, Resolved Business IT Solutions has encountered dozens of ERP & Business Intelligence analyst and consultants, all of which have different expectations, standards, and processes. To reduce the amount of correspondence and eliminate confusion in our co-operation, we have introduced this service offering. Due to our pre-established standards & processes, Resolved IT & Golchin Consulting already know what to expect from each other. This reduces the amount of time spent on management of the system, and ultimately this reflects the price of our service offering positively for our clients.

We help our small-medium businesses and enterprises leverage cloud-based and on-prem solutions to automate core operational processes while keeping their people deeply engaged throughout the journey.

Our Methodology

Change management process that keeps our clients engaged

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1.Discovery and engagement

Determining the current state of relevant business systems and workflows and identifying opportunities for improvement

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2.Design and implementation

Create customized workflows and develop systems to harness business potential.

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Provide ongoing training and systems upgrading to maintain agility and relevance.

Applications we use

Change management process that keeps our clients engaged

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Database Applications

We use cloud database tools to build custom applications with a fully functional front end, allowing for full customization and integration with other cloud-based applications.

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Kanban Boards

We utilize the most advanced digital Kanban tools currently available. We have gone back to the drawing board and made this tool usable across many different industries with a high degree of customization.

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Data Parsing

We make use of a cloud-based data parsing applications to help reduce hours of manual document processing. Extract data from Invoices, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Price Lists, and much more.

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Workflow Management

We employ simple, yet powerful tool to manage your team's recurring checklists and procedures. We can help you manage your Business Management System, HR checklists, or Safety Program and much more.

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Resolved IT brings reliable, responsive and affordable IT services and IT solutions to organizations across British Columbia’s Lower Mainland.

Vancouver & Lower Mainland IT Company

Resolved IT brings reliable, responsive and affordable IT services and IT solutions to organizations across British Columbia’s Lower Mainland.