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Based in Vancouver/Surrey, BC, we’re proud to serve local businesses with dedicated teams of full-time staff.

Resolved IT's Leadership Team

Reid McConkey

Chief Executive Officer

Reid McConkey

When businesses lose control of their technology, there are more than just support tickets to resolve — there’s also emotional and mental stress that impacts the company’s culture and owner’s ability to lead. My passion is guiding businesses back to a healthy technology state — where the owner controls the technology, instead of the other way around.

Reid founded the company in 2020 after leaving his full-time job as a General Manager in the MSP industry. Driven by a passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to do better, he works tirelessly towards the success of his clients, his employees, and his company.

Director of Resolved IT

Director of Operations

Michael Logan

“My philosophy centers on optimizing efficiency, maximizing productivity, and ensuring the seamless functionality of operations within our organization. My focus lies in identifying areas for improvement, implementing streamlined processes, and fostering a work environment where productivity and effectiveness are paramount. By emphasizing these principles, My aim is to enhance the overall performance and success of our operations.”

Mike joined the company shortly after it was founded as employee number one. Mike’s background is not in IT, but he quickly adapted and has proven himself to be a strong technical resource and leader. Mike is passionate about employee and client success above all.

Resolved IT Service manager

Service Manager

Christopher Cavalier 

Chris started at Resolved IT in early 2021 as a Jr. Systems Administrator and was quickly promoted to Sr. Systems Administrator due to his technical aptitude and excellent performance. Chris’ commitment to Resolved IT and his clients is second-to-none, and he is consequently a highly valued team member and service leader. Chris recently received a well-deserved promotion to Service Manager in 2023.

Manager, On-Site Services & Installations

Matthew Cherniak

Matt joined Resolved IT in 2020 as a part-time contractor to assist with some installation work. Over time, Matt’s role has developed and he has become an integral part of the core team at Resolved IT, joining as a full-time employee in 2021, and being promoted to Manager of On-Site Services & Installations in 2022 thanks to many successful projects.

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Resolved IT is based in Surrey, BC and serves clients all over the lower mainland: