Fully Managed IT Services In Greater Vancouver

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Reid McConkey
written by Reid McConkey posted on April 27, 2023

Fully Managed IT Services In Greater Vancouver

IT is evolving rapidly, and most business operations revolve around technology, such that a strong focus on IT has become crucial for any organization to remain competitive. That said, not all businesses can build an entire team of IT experts to attend to all their IT needs, more so smaller or medium-sized businesses.

To stay competitive and accommodate their growing security and technology needs, many businesses are looking into other options, such as fully managed IT services.

So what is it? With fully managed IT services, you need not worry about a thing, which is exactly how it should be. Your managed service provider works closely with your in-house team to create the perfect IT solution for you and then manages it from start to finish.

Fully Managed IT Services Vancouver

Resolved Business IT Solutions Inc. Provides Excellent Fully Managed IT Services for Vancouver Businesses

For high levels of productivity and constant growth, you need to partner with a reliable provider. For your network to function seamlessly, everything that goes into it must be maintained and monitored regularly. Failure to do so can result in data breaches, disillusioned customers, and frustrated employees.

Resolved IT’s fully managed IT services will safeguard your business from such negative outcomes and keep threat actors at bay, employees productive, and customers happy. You’ll enjoy significant benefits from round-the-clock management of your servers, software systems, and network – all for an affordable, fixed monthly fee that is ideal for small businesses.

Here is an outline of the fully managed IT services that we offer:

1. Cybersecurity Services

As businesses become increasingly reliant on technology, threat actors are having an easier time finding entry points into networks to steal sensitive data and cripple businesses. In fact, a recent study found that over 5.1 billion records were breached in 2021.

Resolved IT can help protect your business from cyber threats. Our comprehensive IT security solution presents a delicate balance between utility and protection, given that too much focus on one of these components inevitably comes at the expense of the other. No matter the architecture of your network, you can depend on us to identify what should be monitored, set up parameters unique to your business, and then conduct 24/7 monitoring.

2. Structured Cabling

We endeavour to deliver secure and scalable network solutions for every business in the greater Vancouver area. Resolved IT delivers top to bottom network installation, configuration, and maintenance services. Our structured cabling solutions are designed around ensuring that your network is secure and servicing other holistic needs of your business.

3. Cloud Services

As businesses realize the potential of migrating to the cloud, developing a smart strategy to deliver the utmost security, consistent digital experience, and a focus on business outcomes has become a top priority. We can help you build a strong cloud foundation, introduce innovation into development, scale effortlessly, prepare for a world of multi-cloud and serverless environments, adopt new business models, and stay agile so that you can optimize value from digital transformation initiatives.

4. Business Continuity Support

Business disruption has become a new normal nowadays. A business may suffer a setback due to cyberattacks, data breaches, and system failures. These and other incidents can disrupt and even paralyze business operations. With our managed data backups, you can rest easy knowing that your data is secure, backed up, and a plan is in place in case of an unforeseen emergency.

5. Network and Software Upgrades

Your network infrastructure and architecture aren’t something you set up once and forget about. Rather, network upgrades should be a constant process to keep it secure and prepare your business for the future. The same goes for your software.

Resolved IT provides a weekly patching checklist and verification process to keep your systems 100% up-to-date with the latest security patches, from phones to firewalls.

6. vCIO Services

While most SMBs recognize that digital transformation is a vital step for their businesses to remain competitive, they have budgetary concerns regarding their IT departments. We can step in and provide effective and affordable solutions for implementing and maintaining IT solutions for such businesses.

Your service team’s manager and other consultants at Resolved IT will collaborate with your team’s internal management to provide overall IT strategy, including services like regular reports, IT budgeting, workflow optimization, and more.

Why Should You Go for Fully Managed IT Support?

  1. Less Downtime: On a fully managed contract, you can be sure that technicians of the MSP you partnered with will be constantly monitoring your systems, tweaking things, optimizing settings, and generally mitigating problems before they cause damage. This means fewer breakages and therefore reduced downtime.
  2. Increased Efficiency and Performance: With a fully managed solution, your staff will spend less time trying to fix IT problems. As such, they’ll focus more on activities that improve your business’s productivity and bottom line.
  3. More Secure Systems: While you may already have a firewall and antivirus in place, security within a fully managed solution goes beyond this. You’ll also have patch management, email filtering, backup solutions, and more.
  4. Predictable and Reliable IT Operations: Services provided by MSPs will ensure that your system is guarded round the clock against any unforeseen IT issues. Plus, you’ll have a schedule planned for maintenance and optimization. Proactive monitoring and regular reporting on your infrastructure ensure that there will be fewer surprises, if any. As such, your staff can rely on the system to work without any hitches.
  5. Controlled Costs: Given that fully managed services are usually paid on a monthly basis, you’ll have better control of your IT & Tech budget.

Discover the Benefits of Fully Managed IT Services

Having IT support in place is critical for business success in today’s dynamic environment. Resolved IT can help streamline your IT operations. With our fully managed IT support services, it’s like having your own IT department – all your technology needs are covered.

Our all-inclusive managed IT support services will manage and maintain your IT infrastructure for a fixed monthly rate. From troubleshooting to complex diagnosis and resolution of IT issues, you can rest easy knowing that your IT operations are in good hands. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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