Best IT Support For Vancouver Small Businesses

Resolved IT is a Vancouver IT support company focused on helping local small businesses with all their IT support needs.
Reid McConkey
written by Reid McConkey posted on February 5, 2022

Best IT Support For Vancouver Small Businesses

Most small business owners usually put IT support on the back burner when, in the real sense, it could determine whether or not a business becomes successful. When a major catastrophe such as a data breach, emails going offline, or a business-wide server crash occurs, it’s the worst time to realize that you need to establish preventive measures.

Unfortunately, that is when most businesses realize that they need IT support. The fact is, IT support isn’t just an option if you want your business to operate seamlessly, it’s a necessity.

Business IT support services in Vancouver have increased in number over the years, but are they working in the best interest of your business? Most IT providers make big promises but fail to deliver on them – they under deliver and fail to resolve critical IT issues or breakdowns. It might be due to a lack of expertise or poor preparation. Even so, you don’t have to face these issues if you partner with a proven IT support provider.

Resolved IT knows how crucial technology is. We know how to ask the right questions to understand your goals, requirements, and business needs, then implement the right technologies that can propel your business towards success.

Best IT Support For Vancouver Small Businesses

Introducing Resolved IT – The Best IT Support Provider for Small Businesses in Vancouver

Resolved IT is an industry-leading Vancouver IT support provider that focuses on servicing businesses with approximately 15-350 employees. With vast experience in the industry, Reid McConkey, founder and CEO, leads our teams of IT experts specialized in preventing and solving IT problems for our clients.

Resolved IT leverages a unique management structure. We dedicate technicians to small lists of accounts to allow for repeat interactions. This means we develop relationships with clients and get to learn about your business and its technology. At a regular IT firm, you might submit a ticket and get a response from any of their technicians. With dedicated service teams, your experience remains the same regardless of the number of technicians that Resolved IT has.

What Benefits Can You Get by Working With Resolved IT

Here is an outline of some of the benefits that small businesses can get by working with us:

1. Less Time Spent on Maintenance

A few minutes of downtime or time spent solving IT issues can lead to significant business costs. Increasing productivity time must be a priority; even so, this can prove challenging when you’re working with a limited team. That’s where a professional IT support provider comes in. Resolved IT will focus on security, system maintenance, backup, and disaster recovery. As such, the time you spend on maintenance will reduce even while technology is managed and monitored.

2. Controlled Costs

When IT support services are kept in-house, they usually require an increase in staffing (this comes with training, insurance, sick days, turnover, etc.) and accounting for unforeseen expenses. All this can be eliminated by outsourcing IT support to a managed IT support provider. This is especially vital for small businesses that may not have the budget to hire in-house IT staff.

3. Scalable for Teams of All Sizes

Our IT support services are suitable for a team of 15 to 350 employees. If your business is small and can’t afford a full-sized IT department, we can fulfill those needs, and the costs will be controlled. We will grow with you as your business grows, so that your team can focus on what matters most.

4. Round the Clock Access to Tech Help

When you partner with Resolved IT, help will be at hand 24 hours a day. This gives you the peace of mind that any emergencies with your IT infrastructure will be solved promptly.

5. Access to Expert Support

Access to expert IT professionals is crucial, especially for businesses using complex technologies. In most cases, manufacturers don’t offer thorough support, and generalized support teams don’t have the knowledge of your business’s intricacies. The lack of knowledge and thorough support can be frustrating for your in-house team. When you establish a relationship with an IT support provider, you’ll get numerous benefits, including access to a team that knows the ins and outs of your business. This relationship can also result in you having prioritized access to other technology vendors, ultimately giving your business a competitive edge.

6. More Time to Focus on Business Needs

Tasks that have nothing to do with what your business offers can be tiresome, frustrating, and distracting to your employees. With the help of an IT service provider, your employees will have more time to focus on revenue-generating opportunities and tasks.

What IT Support Services Do We Offer?

Here are some of the services we offer to small businesses in Vancouver:

Managed IT Services

Managed IT services is a service that aligns the client’s interest with the IT provider’s interest by instituting a flat monthly fee for unlimited IT support and management. Among the services included in our Managed IT offering include premium support, 24/7 monitoring, business continuity support, network & software upgrades, vCIO services, etc.

IT Consulting

At Resolved IT, we understand that no two businesses are the same, and so a one-size-fits-all solution won’t do. Our IT Consulting services (IT consulting vCIO, cloud services, and IT infrastructure) focus heavily on identifying your specific business needs before suggesting a solution. We believe in understanding the situation fully before giving a recommendation.

Managed IT Security

Most small businesses opt to have a small budget for IT security. This is a mistake given the increasing cases of data breaches and cybersecurity attacks. Resolved IT provides the best in class security solutions that will help protect your business’s assets. We have selected all our security solutions to combat different types of threats.

Structured Cabling Services

We design, plan, and implement excellent scalable networks. We provide reliable commercial and industrial network solutions, usually on-site, to provide an estimate within 60 minutes.

In combination, our IT team and structured cabling service team provide holistic network solutions. They also offer top-to-bottom installations for various clients, including LANs for small offices and WANs for larger entities.

Contact us to find out how our team of Vancouver IT support experts can help solve your IT challenges.

Get All Your IT Issues Resolved

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