Why Managed IT Services are Essential for Small Businesses in Vancouver

Lyle Garcia
written by Lyle Garcia posted on June 6, 2023

In today’s fast-paced world technology plays a huge role in the success of many businesses. However, managing and maintaining an IT department can be a complex and expensive task, especially for small businesses with limited resources. This is where managed IT services comes into play.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why managed IT services are essential for small businesses in Vancouver. We’ll discuss the benefits of managed IT services including cost savings, increased efficiency, enhanced security, 24/7 support, and access to expertise. By understanding the advantages of managed IT, small businesses can make informed decisions and make the right choice for them.

Cost Savings:

By leveraging outsourced IT services, businesses can effectively mitigate the expenses associated with recruiting and training internal IT staff. Managed IT services provides a team of experienced, well-versed professionals are ready to handle all of your IT needs. We utilize a subscription-based model, which means businesses can budget for their IT services with a predictable monthly budget. This is almost always more cost-effective than hiring your own internal IT team which can be expensive and often result in unexpected expenses.

Increased Efficiency:

Time is money, and our services are designed to save your team time. We continuously monitor, update, and maintain your systems on the back-end so that your experience is seamless. Managed IT services ensure alignment of interests, as the flat monthly fee structure incentivizes us to minimize client support requests by investing substantial efforts in proactive maintenance, thereby reducing the occurrence of tech issues.

Enhanced Security:

Security is a major priority for small businesses. Due to the increasing frequency of cyberattacks targeting smaller organizations and the potential financial losses, reputational damage, and legal consequences that can result from successful breaches. Protecting sensitive data, maintaining operational continuity, and complying with regulations are essential for building trust with customers and safeguarding the business’s reputation in today’s interconnected and data-driven landscape. The annual number of security breaches on enterprise organizations increased by 27.4% – Resolved IT is here to make sure you stay one step ahead of these threats and bad actors. The first thing we do when we onboard a client is perform an initial deep scan… Once we’ve secured the fort, we need to have a plan for defending it, should the day come. Our experienced consultants will build your organization a bespoke disaster recovery plan which will have your business back fully operational within a few hours, rather than days. Managed IT services can help small businesses to develop and implement a disaster recovery plan to protect critical data in the event of a security incident or natural disaster. Not only can Managed IT services do all that for security, but they can also provide training to employees on cybersecurity practices, such as password management and identifying phishing scams. This can help to reduce the risk of security incidents caused by human error.

24/7 Support:

Around the clock support is an exclusive feature of managed IT services compared to an internal IT department. Staffed 24/7, with managed IT you will have constant access to a help desk, on-site support, and remote monitoring. With a help desk this will include answering questions, troubleshooting issues, and providing remote assistance. Managed IT services can also provide on-site support when needed to address more complex IT issues that cannot be resolved remotely, and can remotely monitor IT systems 24/7 to identify and address potential issues in real-time.

Access to Expertise:

Our managed IT services provides quality expertise that is beneficial to small businesses. They provide a team of technical experts with a wide array of skills and experience. This includes experts in cybersecurity. network engineering, software developing, and cloud computing. They can also provide training to small business employees on how to use new technologies and software to help small businesses stay up to date with the latest technologies. By outsourcing IT to a managed service provider, small businesses can take advantage of the expertise and resources of a larger team without having to hire and train their own IT staff.


Overall, managed IT services are crucial for small businesses in Vancouver looking to optimize their operations and achieve their business goals. By outsourcing IT to a managed service provider, small businesses can save money, increase efficiency, enhance security, receive 24/7 support, and have access to a quality team. In today’s digital age, small businesses cannot afford to neglect their IT sectors, and partnering with a reliable managed IT service provider such as Resolved IT is a smart investment that can help drive success and longevity in the competitive Vancouver market.

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