Structured Cabling Services

Technology is constantly evolving and changing and while these new technologies can make businesses more productive and secure they require the right network to support them.

Since the advent of the use of computers in the office space and the introduction of printers and VoIP calling systems, the demand on a business’s cable network has grown every year.

Resolved IT’s Structured Cabling service
delivers a clean looking office space that is
organized, efficient and reliable.

What is Structured Cabling?

In the past, point-to-point cabling was used, which meant every piece of hardware used its own cable. The cabling literally ran from point to point. This would lead to a jumbled mess of wiring and cables that could be accidentally unplugged or present a safety hazard for tripping. 

To accommodate the rising need for speed and more bandwidth, structured cabling systems came into use and are now the best solution for a business’s network. Structured cabling is a kind of system that organizes your network’s infrastructure. 

This optimization and organization helps to future-proof your business by easily accommodating any new hardware, helping your business adapt to the use of more and more data. 

Structured cabling includes: the Internet Service Provider or ISP, equipment rooms and the hardware in them, backbone cabling across buildings, connection outlets in walls and connecting end-user equipment to the network.

Investing in structured cabling solutions will not only just leave your business looking clean and more organized, this system offers better support for your business’s daily needs and future tech advancement while being cost-effective long term. With structured cabling solutions you can rest easy knowing your business’s network infrastructure is organized, efficient and reliable.


Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling services offered by Resolved IT

Resolved IT provides professional grade structured cabling and office network design services to its clients. We look at cabling design like an Architect would look at the elements of a building or home. 

Our goal is to efficiently bring all those elements together to work as one harmonious system. If you’re planning on moving into a new office you need to know whether or not your space can offer:

Internet Serviceability

Seamless Portability

Ensure seamless transition and facilitate portability of your entire user base

Cloud Services​

Internet Serviceability

Provide access to sufficient internet serviceability including backup ISP


No Ethernet Interference

Provide sufficient ethernet drops that are up-to-date and have no interference

Network Access

Network Access

Provide security so your hardware cannot be plugged into by an unauthorized person

Network Migration

Equipment Migration

Facilitate your equipment (servers, networking equipment, serviceability, etc.) and keep it sufficiently cool

Wifi Coverage

WiFi Coverage

Provide access to WiFi that can service your entire workspace without dead zones

Network Security

Network Security

Secure your network with a firewall preventing the loss of data, protection from ransomware and effectively protecting your business from downtime and financial losses

Network Switching

Hi-speed Switches

Connect your devices with a high-speed switch providing the ability to have all of your hardware communicating quickly on one common data cabling system

It Consulting (V-Cio)​

Network Monitoring

Provide the ability to manage your network from your server or network device, to monitor the logs, traffic, security, etc.


Technical Consulting + Installation

Office moves, expansions, structured cabling, hardware upgrades like racks, network cabinets, hardware ports and CAT5E/CAT6 drop installs, and everything in between. Consolidate your IT and structured cabling to one holistic service provider.

How we work?

Resolved IT provides all of these services from one skilled team, using the latest technologies and hardware. 

Let Resolved IT perform an assessment of your equipment, the scalability of your office needs and then find a budget to determine the optimal work for you. After a quick turnaround we will send professional network installation engineers to quickly install required cables and configure your whole network. Our top-to-bottom service will get you up and running as quickly as possible and get all of your technological needs covered.

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Resolved IT brings reliable, responsive and affordable IT services and IT solutions to organizations across British Columbia’s Lower Mainland.

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Resolved IT brings reliable, responsive and affordable IT services and IT solutions to organizations across British Columbia’s Lower Mainland.